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The future of energy is space solar power (SSP).

The world is facing a clean energy supply gap. Currently, no single renewable energy solution or portfolio of solar, wind or tidal, comes close to meeting our demand for energy. Generating large amounts of base load power remains essential, given the intermittent nature of these renewables. There is speculation that power demand at such a large scale will only be met by clean coal, nuclear, or—worst case—traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources. With this approach, even a wildly successful renewables industry will fall short of enabling truly sustainable energy independence.

Space-based solar power (SSP) is a clean, viable solution to our world’s growing energy problems.  Not limited by weather or geography, SSP solves the intermittency problems of earth-based renewables by providing a reliable and flexible energy source that is available 24/7. The underlying technology components are proven and systems will be deployable within the decade.

PowerSat Corporation is a pioneer in generating safe, clean, reliable energy from space. Solar energy is captured via satellites (known as powersats) and transmitted wirelessly to receiving stations at various points around the globe.  Thousands of megawatts can be harnessed and shifted between receiving stations thousands of miles from each other—all in a matter of seconds. At a cost comparable to a large hydropower project, PowerSat seeks to leverage the gigawatts of untapped solar energy hitting the earth’s atmosphere every second, motivated by a vision of legitimate energy independence and a truly clean energy portfolio.
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