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Space-based Solar Power – The Power of the Future

Space-based solar power is a method of using solar power satellites to collect solar energy so that it can be distributed for use all over the earth.  With this amazing technology, space-based solar power is the future of power generation.
Solar Power Satellites (Powersats)

How does it work?  Solar power satellites, otherwise known as powersats, orbit the earth and are designed to capture solar energy and transmit that energy to receiving stations that are situated thousands of miles from each other on the surface of the earth.  These satellites are made up of a number of modules outfitted with light weight photovoltaic solar panels. 

What is so great about this technology?  It is clean, it is green, and it is safe.  Collecting solar power in space is also more efficient than collecting solar power on the surface of the earth for many reasons.

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Benefits of Space-based Solar Power

Space-based solar power is a method of collection that is not affected by weather on the surface, the seasons, or by the earth’s atmosphere, which can act as a filter, reducing the strength of the solar energy.  This means that it is far more reliable than surface solar panels and it is also a renewable source of energy.

What else makes space-based solar power a viable energy source for the future?  It is fast.  The energy can be transmitted from the solar power satellites to the receiving stations and then between receiving stations in just seconds.  This is all accomplished via a wireless transfer of the energy  and the result is dispatchable, baseload power, which can then power homes and businesses as effectively as the more traditional forms of power generation.
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  Space Solar Power (PowerSat)