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Energy market drivers behind Space Solar Power (SSP)
Increasing World Energy Consumption:

According to the EIA, consumption is expected to increase by 50% by 2030, especially in the fast growing economies of India & China.
Continued Growth of Electric Power Generation:
To meet the demands of increasing energy consumption, power generation will remain a fast-growing industry.
Energy Sources:
  • Oil prices are projected to stay high and as a result, oil use and production is expected to decline 0.9% a year. Countries will look to other options to meet their needs.
  • The use of coal will continue to provide the largest share of energy used for power generation, rising from 41% to 46% of the total world electrical supply by 2030. This energy source produces the accumulating environmental concern of CO2 emissions, which will increase accordingly.
  • Natural gas is predicted to provide the second largest share of total world electrical supply by 2030, but it will still only be 50% of the use of coal.
  • Nuclear power generation is subject to many regulations which slow its expansion and is projected increase in electrical use is difficult to predict.
  • Renewable energy use continues to rise 1.8% a year, but it is overshadowed by the growth in consumption of coal and natural gas.